04 Feb. - 09.Feb. 2008 in Thailand

prologue :

I'd like you to see this report instead of the album.

For my daughter Bo, Bell and my son Boat !

"A goodwill mission to Thailand"

After taking off of the Kansai Airport Osaka, it is the sky over Shikoku.

all foods and entertainments by Thai Airways are comfortable for me during the flight to Bangkok.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

the purpose of my visit to Thailand is to see BO , BELL & my son BOAT

but one thing left, it is the most important

BELL understanding is quicker than BO ! a rabbit and a turtle ?

I am worried though they seem to have understood.

First of all, we are so hungry

at the Fishermans restaurant

Oishii desu ! Gochisou sama !

at the residence where they live, this is my second time to see BOAT.

I do not know why ? but I have a lot of fun with his personality.

The second day

the Lunch is Italian.

Regrettable, my foreboding hit.

They returned the printed matter having been passed by me yesterday.

It is necessary for us to change our feelings.

BELL took me to the place where she spent her childhood days.

we are in the middleof the flowers market.

taste so nice! I like Jackfruits.

also the School where she spent happy days.

it is a profile of her that the deep emotion seems?

finally, BO made a new account. I eagerly desire the fact that this account is utilized for Phaesuwan family at first !

The third day

we are in Lopburi province, what a wonderful upcountry !

I was charmed by her mother and grandmother completely at first sight !

7th of Feb. is the NewYears day.

BELL explains her mother & father about my purpose visiting Thailand.

Kanji's really convenient.

the great Buddhist temple !

not only the temple but also

The museum is splendid !

father of BELL pointing the cow. 2008 is the year man for me.

what a color !

Good daughter indeed.

dinner of the New year eve was so wonderful !

many happy returns for Phaesuwan family !

Oishii !

Good shot ! let me know her name.

I could slept well with this photo.

The fourth day.

Time to say goodbye to Mam, sad.

all BELL family were so good for me. what's the reason of my tear drops?

the heritage of the Lopburi era was so great !

happy moment for 2nd Dad.


it is nice to see you again !

time to say farewell to BELL. all my satisfaction I felt in Lopburi was what BELL help !

Sayonara BELL, all my impressions here in Lopburi were beyond my description !

I returned to Bangkok.

let us go dining out !

the fancy restaurant in the Oriental Bangkok.

my intention to visit this restaurant is to let him know there's such a lot of world to see.

in this restaurant we ate greatly, simultaneously we talked together important thing for BOAT future living.

at the Hotel

the fifth day.

let me know the Gold price!?

checked out the Hotel

some photos as request of BELL.

Epilogue :

BELL, I had no chance to utilize your recommend regarding the Grand Palace. I'm so sorry !

To tell the truth, I went to the Kasikornbank again the time of the expectation which has done to the Palace.
It's rather difficult for me to find out the bank location even if we visited 3 days ago. But lucky was the same female staff
of that day who took care of me. I transferred some money to Thanaporn account as my 2nd fund which is
exclusive use for BOAT.
As I told you, he should pass the entrance examination. If it is possible, I want aiming toward the veterinarian in him.
If you look at the present pet boom of Japan, be sure to believe that the same phenomenon occurs in Thailand within several years.

He can make it ! That is also my desire.

His future in other words Thailand future will be depend upon his effort in 2008 !!!
Be sure to note that all of the 2nd fund should be used within year 2008 for his skills up !!!

Thank you for BELL's help and BO's help which make my dreams come true in Thailand.

Best regards
Masayuki Senoh

P.S. please let BO see these photos, thank you.